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February 24, 2011 Leave a comment

This is the first time I get a really good look at the material. What strikes me at once is the covers. Many of the pamphlets have colourful cover illustrations, usually something that relates to the title of the piece of music.
Cover for scores 'Fancy Ball'
Some depict people in ‘exotic’ dress, or involved in some special pursuit, such as a fancy ball.

Cover for Bird's Nest Polka

Bird's Nest Polka

Scenes from nature are also frequent – either scenic views or some particular element, like a bird’s nest.

Cover for Welcome Home

Welcome Home

Some covers give a good idea of the fashion of the time – pictures of women in dresses and men with exquisite neck ties and perhaps a little moustache. Or men in uniform – there’s quite a few of those.

What I really like about all these covers is that not only are they pretty and interesting but they are REAL – they are not reproductions made to look like something from a different time. These are just like they would have looked when someone in the late 19th bought the score and took it home. Was it because of the cover that a particular piece  was chosen? We’ll never know, but we can enjoy looking at them all the same.

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