To offer a flavour of the type of music we are working with, the project has produced a small selection of recordings of some of the digitised scores. We hope to be able to add to this collection as the project progresses.

The scores are available as pdf-files which can be read with Adobe Reader (free download from the Adobe website). In order to download and listen to the recordings (mp3 files), you will need a media player which is usually available free of charge. Popular media players include Windows Media Player, Quicktime, RealPlayer, iTunes and Winamp.

From our scores.
Five piano pieces composed by Charles d’Albert (1809–1886):

  • Nearest and Dearest (Waltz, on airs from Audran’s comic opera, Olivette), performed by Ben Sheen
  • Trial by Jury Polka (on airs from Arthur Sullivan’s operetta), performed by Ben Sheen
  • The Rink Galop (as performed at the Royal Aquarium, Westminster), performed by Ben Sheen
  • Adelina (on Jules Cohen’s Opera Les Bluets), performed by Ben Sheen
  • The Cleopatra Galop, performed by Tim Hawken

Some examples of contemporary parlour songs, sung by Greg Skidmore accompanied by Tim Hawken:

  • Come into the Garden, Maud, by M. W. Balfe (words by Alfred, Lord Tennyson)
    • Play (mp3, 4 minutes, 6 seconds; 3.76 MB)
  • Home! Sweet Home! by Sir Henry Bishop (words by John Howard Payne)
    • Play (2 minutes, 48 seconds; 2.56 MB)
  • The Lost Chord, by Sir Arthur Sullivan (words by Adelaide A. Procter)
    • Play (mp3, 4 minutes, 0 seconds; 3.66 MB)

logo: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA licence These recordings are released with the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA licence. They can be reused and redistributed globally provided that they are used in a non-commercial way and the reuse is attributed to “What’s the Score at the Bodleian?” and the performers. If you derive a new work from a recording, the new work may be distributed provided it is released under the same licence.

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