Some of the boxes containing our scores

Some of the boxes containing our scores

As we were working away on our boxes (I had just finished counting no 39 of 64), we heard the fire alarm. After a short while it became obvious that this was not a test or brief error but the bell was chiming steadily and we had no option but to leave the building. I hated doing that – leaving all our boxes behind. What if it really WAS a fire? What would happen to my galops and waltzes and beautiful covers? I had to fight an urge to carry them all with me – I didn’t even take the Wedding Valse. What shall I now do if I come back and discover it is all in cinder? At least I have some photographs to remind me of what the boxes looked like…

On a more serious note, although this incidence turned out not to be a real fire, it highlights how important digitisation really is. By digitising material we will be able to use it and rejoice in what it has to offer even if we cannot access the original physical copies.

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