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Counting boxes

I’m really excited – we’ve started working on the actual material that will be included in the pilot phase.

64 boxes with piano music. The scores are arranged in the boxes in alphabetical order by composer and each box has the information ‘Piano scores Macmillan – Mozart’ or similar. Other than that we do not know what is hiding in the collection. For example, how many difference pieces are there?

Project manager labelling boxes and counting scores.

Counting boxes

Our first job is to prepare the material to be scanned. The boxes are retrieved from their storage and we open them and count the number of items. Fragile items are placed in plastic sleeves and we keep a tally of how many there are. We also look for duplicates and note which one is to be scanned (the project resources are better used for other purposes than scanning identical items twice). All this is recorded so that both we and the people doing the actual scanning know what we are working with.

Once all the scores have been counted and recorded, the boxes will be taken away for the content to be scanned.

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